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Photo of grape leaves

Free Stuff at the Q: The stuff that stuffed grape leaves are made of

From early spring to late fall, here in ABQ, we are surrounded with an abundance of edible plants, fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, greens and more. Today we are making Dolmas, those delectable Mediterranean stuffed grape leaves.

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Photo of woman with tennis racquet

Anyone For Tennis?

With beautiful weather and sunny skies year-round, tennis is one of the most popular activities for Albuquerque residents. All of The Q properties put you close to tennis courts, including The Tennis Club of Albuquerque – which provides tennis fun for players of all ages.

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Photo of downtown Albuquerque

Art in Nob Hill

Nob Hill is home to one of Albuquerque’s major art hubs. The area is filled with chic shops and eclectic galleries with exhibits for varying art tastes, and living at The Q @ Nob Hill puts you right there. Check out some of the art galleries located within walking distance of The Q @ Nob Hill.

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Photo of Sandia mountains

Bike ABQ

Cycling is one of Albuquerque’s most popular activities, and no matter what Q property you live at, you’re always just steps away from one of Albuquerque’s many bike paths.

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Aerial view of apartments

To Rent or to Buy? Rent Your Way to Happiness

In the last six emails, we shared with you just a few things to consider when you decide whether to rent or buy a residence. Home ownership is an American tradition and provides a feeling of more control over one’s environment

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Photo of Vassar apartments

To Rent or to Buy? Be Budget Friendly

A monthly mortgage payment is often higher than the monthly rent. Most of it goes to pay bank interest on the property, rather than reduce your debt. The costs of relocation, as previously mentioned, are significantly lower for renters. Further, a homeowner is…

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Photo of apartment living room

To Rent or to Buy? Save your Savings

Renting has significantly lower upfront costs than buying. Prospective homeowners are traditionally required to provide at least a 3.5% - 10% of purchase price as down payment. It takes time and hard work to amass that amount of money, and if and when you do,…

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